Dr. Arjun Banjade


Non-Resident Nepali Association National Coordination Council of America

I currently reside in Ellicott City, Maryland, USA.  and I have the honor of serving as the President of the NRNA National Coordination Council of America. My professional journey has primarily been in the field of higher education in the United States, where I’ve spent considerable time, including more than 17 years in Texas and seven years in Ohio.

Community Impact and Social Contributions

While in Nepal and the U.S., I have served the Nepali society through professional and social work for over 25 years. The following are the few of the outstanding contributions I made with unwavering commitment and philanthropic endeavors to leave a significant impact on our community


I joined the Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Program’s Nepal Office in 1995 as a consultant and later as Assistant Program Officer until I left Nepal for the U.S. for further studies in 1998.

As a college student in the U.S., I was one of the founding members and founding Treasurer for the Nepali Public Relations Committee, America (Nepali Janasamparka Samiti, America). I later served as the member secretary and advisor for this organization. During these years, I served as one of the delegates (Mahaadhibesan Pratibidhi) for the Nepali Congress Party’s National Convention from America.

I joined the Bhaktapur Campus and later Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus of Tribhuversity in 1995, right after I completed my Master’s degree. I started as an instructor and later as a tenured Assistant Professor. I taught Population Education courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels.


Dr. Arjun Banjade

I am happily married and have a daughter who is studying at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, and a son who is a high school student in Maryland. My wife, Dr Anju Banjade, is a federal employee.

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